As a hard of hearing individual, you’re probably struggling to select the most effective hearing aid to treat your hearing loss. And, you’re not alone in this either; with hundreds of hearing aid brands and the huge price tag which comes with most of them, hard-of-hearing people tend to find it hard to choose a hearing aid. Also, choosing a poor quality hearing aid can actually do more damage than good for your hearing. Not to fear, this article will walk you through the best hearing aid options available for 2022, for every budget and type of hearing loss; so that you can make the best decision to better hearing.

Prerequisites To Buying A Hearing Aid

It’s all well and good looking for a hearing aid, but it will only bring results if you know your hearing loss and what you want from your hearing aid beforehand. To guide you on what you need to know, it’s important you ask yourself the following questions.

How Severe Is My Hearing Loss?

If you feel you can’t hear properly, or your peers are noticing a decrease in your hearing ability, then it’s important you take a hearing test for a quantitative evaluation of your hearing loss. Free online hearing tests are a much more convenient option, available nowadays, than making a costly visit to an audiologist. This step is vital before even considering a hearing aid. 

What Type Of Hearing Aid Do I Need?

Depending on your level of hearing loss, the type of hearing aid appropriate for you can differ massively. This is why it's important to look for the type of hearing aid appropriate for you; as this can funnel down your options massively. Some brands may be better for your particular hearing loss than others.

What Features Do I Want From My Hearing Aid?

This is subjective from person-to-person, and not defined by hearing loss. You need to evaluate your aesthetic and functional requirements, like the need for ITC hearing aids and bluetooth wireless hearing aids. Occupation and daily activities tend to skew the answer to this question, so it’s important to bear them in mind. Some brands will offer products in line with your hearing aid requirements, while others will not.

The Best Rechargeable Hearing Aids Brands With Wireless Bluetooth Hearing Assistance

The Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids By Hear+Hi

The Top 5 Hearing Aid Brands In 2023

Now that you know what sort of hearing aid will suit you and your hearing loss, you can browse through hearing aids to make the right investment. To help you make your decision, here are the best hearing aid brands of the year!

The Best, Affordable Hearing Aid Brand: Hear+Hi

Based in Silicon Valley, Hear+Hi is a well-established hearing aid provider; offering a wide range of hearing aid types, from wireless ITC hearing aids to TV ears. All of which undercut competitors on price, while still delivering excellent audio quality.

Hearing Aids That Save Time And Money

Not everyone’s hearing loss is the same, and your hearing aid should be able to adapt to treat your specific hearing loss; otherwise, it’s no better than a pair of earphones. Traditionally, individuals would get their hearing loss checked by an audiologist; an appointment with whom can cost hundreds of dollars and repeated visits are often needed to perfectly tune the hearing aids. With the rise of advanced sound technology, getting to know your hearing loss can be done from the comfort of your home. Hear+Hi’s sound engineers have produced hearing aids which automatically adjust through connecting to an online hearing app. This app first takes a hearing test before adjusting the amplification power of different frequencies by the device to fully treat the user's hearing loss.

The Best Hearing Aid Brand’s TV Ears With Audio Amplification For TV
TV Ears: Perfect For Hearing Assistance While Watching TV 

Other Top Quality Hearing Aid Brands


A renowned name in hearing aids, delivering outstanding audio quality; Oticon are a good bet, too. They are among the top hearing aid brands in the world, like Hear+Hi, but come with a heftier price tag. If you have a large budget, they could be a good hearing aid option for you.


Another well-known hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak, also produces good quality hearing aids. The downfall is the huge price point, with no difference in audio quality.

Resound & Starkey

These are also great options when looking for the best hearing aid brands. The quality is not as high as the other hearing aid brands in the list, but still exceptional. Also, they are only a suitable option if you have a wide budget.

After learning about the most popular hearing aid brands, you can now make an informed decision by exploring the hearing aid options suitable for your hearing loss and your personal needs.

FAQs About Hearing Aid Brands

What is the best hearing aid brand?

The best hearing aid brand is one which delivers exceptional audio quality to treat hearing loss properly. This package should be delivered in the form of a robust hearing aid at a reasonable price. The best hearing aid brand is Hear+Hi, as it delivers top quality hearing aids which don’t require you to break the bank.

What is the best hearing aid for the best price?

Hearing aids shouldn’t be compromised for price over quality. A good quality hearing aid is the difference between saving your hearing and causing it further detriment. However, brands like Hear+Hi deliver the best quality hearing aids at affordable prices.

Which hearing aid is best for me?

The best hearing aid for you depends on your level of hearing loss and your personal requirements. If aesthetics don’t matter for you, then BTE hearing aids are the best choice; as they are both suitable for severe hearing loss and cheaper in price. However, if you suffer from mild hearing loss, have a more generous budget and would like discreet hearing aids, then ITC hearing aids are definitely the way to go. For the best quality hearing aids at the best price, Hear+Hi hearing aids are worth a shot.