Hearing loss can be really quite socially debilitating, and with the modern age of recession purchasing a hearing aid can prove a financial strain. After all, as small as they may be, hearing enhancing devices are expensive. This article can lend you a helping hand in choosing a hearing aid which behaves like a pocketalker but without emptying your bank account.

First, let’s look at the criteria which ideally a hearing aid should meet.

What Makes A Good Hearing Aid

Quality Sound

Hearing devices are designed to improve hearing, thus the quality of sound delivered to the ear is of utmost importance. We have used dynamic range and the delay between sounds (natural sound and that produced by the hearing aid) as important parameters.

Good Battery Life

Rechargeable hearing enhancers are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s important to evaluate whether it can handle extended hours of daily use. Whether you pick disposable hearing aids or rechargeable ones it’s important they can last for as many hours as you require

Personalized Audio Enhancement

There are different types and degrees of hearing loss, it is important that you choose a device which treats your hearing loss adequately. Do you struggle to hear certain frequencies, while others are perfectly audible? Most hard of hearing individuals have hearing loss which discriminates between sound frequencies, so it is important that the hearing device you choose accounts for this. 

Hearing aids Are High Maintenance

Be warned that hearing aids alone are expensive but the associated maintenance and audiologist costs are tremendous. A single appointment with a hearing specialist can cost around $250, and most individuals need several trips just to have their hearing aid adjusted perfectly. Hearing amplifiers cut these costs down to nothing; their over-the-counter  availability negates the necessity of a hearing specialist. Plus, more advanced digital hearing amplifiers are often linked with an app, from which the device can be adjusted to meet your hearing needs. 

Now that we have a clear base, let’s take a look through the best cheap hearing aids for seniors, little ones and everyone in between. 

Top 3 Cheap Digital Hearing Aids (Of 2022)

When it comes to cost effectiveness, hearing amplifiers take the win over hearing aids; they can be a good alternative to hearing aids given you choose the correct type. However, basic hearing amplifiers don't cater for frequency discriminating hearing loss; they enhance sound indiscriminately making frequencies you can already hear extremely loud. Thus, we recommend advanced hearing enhancers: cheap devices with remarkable technology which closely mimics that of hearing aids. Ahead, we have compiled the best hearing aids 2022 under $200.

Our Top Player

The Hear+Hi Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplifiers give even best selling cheap hearing aids a run for their money; and they are our top pick for the selecting hearing devices less than $200. It exudes style, and can be easily personalized through the Hear+Hi Acuity App.

Substance and Style

If you want to buy cheap invisible hearing aids then we recommend you give the Hear+Hi Digital Hearing Earphones a shot. Not only are they incredibly discrete, these hearing amplifiers are rechargeable, produce excellent sound quality and connect to devices wirelessly using bluetooth. 

Affordable Hearing Devices

Despite the availability of advanced hearing amplifiers and their endless advantages, if you still want a prescription hearing aid then the audien atom pro is a fantastic choice. Most prescription hearing aids cost anywhere between $1800 to $5000, so this is a very economical choice comparatively. However, such low priced hearing aids come with a significant quality compromise. The Audien Atom hearing aid is incredibly affordable, from $89, but its functionality is extremely limited; in fact, it resembles a basic hearing amplifier. But, under $200 it’s the only hearing aid available and it does enhance hearing adequately enough. 

Digital Bluetooth Hearing Aids Under $200

Good News For Seniors

Seniors often struggle the most with progressive hearing loss. Luckily, many hearing aid providers offer a special discount to seniors who are hard of hearing. These discounts vary from store to store so be sure to ask before checkout, whether you are purchasing hearing enhancers from an online hearing aid store or a physical shop. 

It’s important to stress one final point: always make sure to protect your ears from further damage by choosing the right hearing aid. Purchasing very low price hearing aids is great, if it means you don't have to sacrifice that holiday you've been dreaming of, but not at the expense of your hearing.


Why Do Hearing Devices Cost So Much?

Apart from hearing aids, electronic gadgets tend to become more expensive the more compact the design and the greater the functionality. Hearing aids are very small and specialized devices into which ample research and development of technology is invested. This does cost a lot of money, but many hearing aid providers set the price very high because they can. After all, hearing aid is not a luxury but a necessity. However, advanced hearing amplifiers use the same technology, with the same purpose, but aren’t priced unreasonably high.

Can You Buy Just One Hearing Aid?

Of course you can if you suffer from unilateral hearing loss; that is only one ear with hearing impairment. But, if you suffer from bilateral hearing loss and this is simply to reduce the cost, then unfortunately this could prove detrimental to the health of your hearing. We would recommend that you purchase cheaper hearing aid devices, like PSAPs, instead.

Can We Buy Hearing Aid Online

As with all things nowadays, hearing aids can be purchased online very easily and conveniently. A simple google search of ‘the best hearing aids’ and thousands of options will appear right before your eyes.