The dangerous thing about hearing loss is that you don’t notice it until it’s too late for preventive measures to be effective. Most people mistake hearing loss to be associated with old age only. While hearing loss is quite common in aging people, it is not limited to them. More often than not, young people who work in noisy environments or have unhealthy eating habits can experience a deterioration in their hearing ability.
Hearing loss is one of those sensory losses that have no cure. No medicine or treatment can bring back a lost or damaged hearing ability. Frequent hearing tests can save you from the struggle of having a hard time hearing your family, friends, and colleagues. If you opt for an Audiogram from a local healthcare center as your first choice, you will land with quite a hefty bill (depending on your region); which, if you don’t have hearing loss in the first place, could just be a huge waste of money.

An audiogram accurately depicts the hearing health of one’s ear by determining how loud sounds have to be for one to hear them

What is an Audiogram?

It is important to note that, while online hearing tests are not a replacement for Audiograms or an expert physician’s advice, these tests have been designed to give you an initial understanding of your ear’s health. If you perform well in such tests, your hearing health is quite sound - pardon the pun. If the test results show weakness in your hearing ability, you must consult a good ear specialist who will most likely provide you with assistive listening devices and amplifying earpieces.

The Best-In-Class Hear+Hi Hearing Test:

If you feel like you are facing difficulty in understanding what people say or you have to concentrate a bit more when someone’s speaking, then you must take the Hear+Hi hearing test to assess your hearing health.

Hear+Hi offers one of the best-in-class hearing tests online, because of its rich experience in manufacturing hearing healthcare products that are fine-tuned to the user’s hearing profile. It is safe to say that Hear+Hi has infused years of technical understanding in this hearing test, which is why it is one of the most reliable tests on the Internet.

Hear-Hi Online Hearing Test Through “My Hearing Acquity” App With Instant Results For Absolutely Free

Hear+Hi Online Hearing Test

How to take the Hear+Hi hearing test?

  1. In your browser’s URL bar, type
  2. Click on the Hearing Test tab in the top section of the page.
  3. Download the “My Hearing Acuity” app on your mobile phone from the Play Store or the App Store.
  4. Pair your Bluetooth Earphones with your mobile device.
  5. Find a quiet area to take the test in. The acceptable noise level for this test is less than 60 dB.
  6. Use the environmental noise detection tool in the app to see if your environment is quiet enough to take the test. It is to ensure that the results of the hearing test are accurate.
  7. Start the test and follow the instructions on the screen.
  8. See the test report generated at the end of your test. If you fail to understand the test report, refer to the audiogram chart.

Hear-Hi “My Hearing Acquity” app’s online test result is visualized as an Audiogram chart depicting hearing health

Hear+Hi Online Hearing Test With Instant Results

The Hear+Hi Hearing Test can be a good starting point to estimate the extent of your hearing health. If test results show that you passed with good ratings, you don’t need to worry about hearing loss or hearing disability, for the time being. However, if the online test results show that your hearing ability is not up to the mark, you must consult a good audiologist right away.

Pros and Cons of Taking an Online Hearing Test:

Just like everything else, taking an online hearing test has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we will discuss in detail why you would want to go for an online test before taking a full fledged audiogram in the first place, as it has more pros than cons.

Pros of Online Hearing Test:

  1. The test is entirely free of cost and is accessible with just a few screen taps.
  2. Thanks to Hear+Hi’s groomed testing technology, the test results from the app are reliable.
  3. You do not need to leave the comfort of your home to see an audiologist to understand whether you need an actual audiogram or not.
  4. The test results generated by the “My Hearing Acquity” app can be used as the basis to ask your audiologist to conduct an audiogram.
  5. If the online hearing test results show that your hearing health is sound, you can be at ease mentally.

Cons of Online Hearing Test:

  1. The test results cannot be used by the user as approved diagnostic test results. You will need to take an actual audiogram before proceeding to medical treatment by your audiologist, if necessary.
  2. The test results obtained from Hear+Hi’s technology cannot be used as a basis for hearing disability in any court of law. This test has been designed solely for self-awareness and diagnosis purposes. 

The Hear+Hi online hearing test can be helpful if you need confirmation of your hearing ability; whether you feel the need to listen louder than usual is true or not. If your doubts are confirmed, you can consult an audiologist and get clinical treatment.

Typically, audiologists determine the patient’s hearing profile and do custom tuning to each hearing aid or assistive hearing device as per the audiogram chart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are online hearing tests accurate?

Hear+Hi’s online hearing test is as accurate as it gets when it comes to online hearing tests. The accuracy of an online hearing test is also governed by the testing conditions criteria, for example, ambient noise. Keep in mind that online hearing tests are not a substitute for actual audiograms conducted by audiologists.

Is there a hearing test I can do on my phone?

Yes! Thanks to the “My Hearing Acuity” app developed by Hear+Hi, you can now connect your Bluetooth earbuds and take a quick and easy hearing test from the comfort of your home. You get an audiogram chart at the end of the test telling you about your hearing health.

Are hearing tests free?

Typically, hearing tests (also known as Audiogram) at a healthcare center cost around $90-110 depending on your region. However, you can also take our online hearing test with instant results for absolutely free. You just need a Bluetooth-supported mobile device and Bluetooth earbuds.