Having trouble hearing your loved ones? You might be having some sort of hearing issue. Now look for an audiologist, book the doctor’s appointment, and then wait for the result. Want something more practical and less time-consuming?  Why not take an online hearing test!

Technology has now made it possible to test your hearing online. Hearing loss generally occurs very gradually which makes it easy for people to overlook it until the hearing loss is pronounced. According to a study people with hearing loss wait for about an average of 7 years before seeking help for their hearing. Online hearing tests have now made it easier for testing your hearing.

You don't need to wait until you feel difficulty in hearing, if you even just have a doubt, you can take a free online hearing test to confirm your suspicions. You might want to take a hearing test if you are having difficulty hearing on a daily basis, gradually losing your hearing, are above 60 years of age, or your loved ones are complaining about it.

Online Hearing Tests

Online hearing tests are not much different than the ones you would get from an audiologist. They are a version of the physical hearing tests. The tests expose you to different sounds to see to what extent your ear can detect and understand sound. They provide an accurate picture of the quality of your hearing and help you to identify the degree of your hearing loss. All you need for an online hearing test is an internet-connected device and headphones, in some cases. These tests are available on different websites either from hearing aid manufacturers or from general health websites and clinics. Hear+hi has its own personalized app that provides you with an accurate online hearing test for free.

The tone test is one of the common tests available for online hearing tests. In the tone test, a series of faint noises at different volumes and frequencies are played; you have to state whether you hear them or not. Such online hearing tests are better to identify and track mild or early hearing loss. After the test is completed your test result is provided in the form of graphs for a better understanding of the results. The My Hearing Acuity App by Hear+Hi is available on the Google App Store and the Apple Store.

My Hearing Acuity - Online Hearing TestMy Hearing Acuity - Online Hearing Test Bluetooth PairingMy Hearing Acuity - Online Tone Test and Audiogram Input

My Hearing Acuity - Online Hearing Test - Environmental Noise DetectionMy Hearing Acuity - Online Hearing Test

My Hearing Acuity App from Hear+Hi

Interpreting these test results is not always easy. Most online hearing tests provide results using bar charts, star-based ratings, or simple descriptions. Some tests provide separate results for each ear and specify the sounds you have trouble hearing.
If you want to achieve the most from your online hearing test, you need to mimic the conditions of the standardized environment of the audiology office. Find a quiet noise-free room without any background noise, get rid of any interruptions, set and check the volume of your device, and use headphones for the best results.

Advantages of Online Hearing Tests

  • Online hearing tests enable you to identify and test your hearing problems from the comfort of your home. 
  • Online hearing tests are available for free. You don’t have to pay for a professional hearing test which can get costly.
  • Online hearing tests offer a convenient way to check your hearing proactively and to keep tabs on your hearing health to identify any changes that occur. Online hearing tests also keep track of your hearing and monitor your progress. 
  • Online hearing tests are not a one-time thing. You can take an online hearing test any time you want. 
  • Online hearing tests are relatively quick and save a lot of time from going to the doctor and getting your test done. you even get your test result immediately after the test is done. you don't have to wait for it.
  • Online hearing tests generally feel less intimidating than in-person. It feels more convenient to take the test yourself.

There are some occasions when online hearing tests can be problematic. The test is often conducted in a quiet room or a soundproof booth, which eliminates any external noise. Furthermore, the earphones/headphones should be pre-calibrated before the hearing test starts otherwise the results will be incorrect and you will have to go back for another test.
My Hearing Acuity mobile app by Hear+Hi (on both iOS and Android) helps the user to do a hearing test. The app has listed specific earphones/headphones that are pre-calibrated to match the volume level to do an accurate hearing assessment. However, only an audiologist is trained to identify the underlying cause, if any, and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Are Online Hearing Tests Accurate?

A reliable online hearing test serves as an important wake-up call for you. It's a good and easy step to take before consulting an audiologist. The best part about online hearing tests are simple and have the potential to estimate your hearing ability properly. A study found that overall online hearing tests yield valid results and only 1 in 5 people needed a follow-up test with a professional. The online hearing test is a great place to start your journey toward identifying and improving your hearing issues. Hearing aids are available at Hear+Hi.

Online Hearing Test FAQ’s

Can You Do an Online Hearing Test From Home? 

Yes, online hearing tests are designed so that you can complete your hearing test from the comfort of your own home.

Can I Do an Online Hearing Test Without Headphones?

You can take the test without headphones but it is not recommended to take it without wearing headphones. This is because the test requires you to listen to sounds, which can be affected by external noise or distractions if you're not wearing headphones. The best way to take a hearing test is with headphones. This will ensure that the results are accurate and there are no external factors affecting it.