If you’re already familiar with the term over-the-counter hearing aids, then you’re in the right place. If not, then it is important that you first educate yourself on what over-the-counter hearing aids actually are, before deciding on the best hearing aid for you. Now, there are an increasing number of options of OTC hearing aids online, especially since FDA approved of over-the-counter hearing aids. With so much variety, it can be really difficult to make an informed decision, which is critical to preventing further hearing damage. That’s why we have brought all the very best OTC hearing aids into one article.

The “Best” Hearing Aid Depends On You

Before diving into actual hearing devices, it’s important you bear in mind the following.

Hearing loss isn’t the same for everyone. You should take a free online hearing test to gauge how severe your hearing loss is before selecting a hearing aid. This is because smaller hearing aids are often not big enough to fit more powerful components in their casing, therefore they can’t amplify sound loud enough to treat severe hearing loss. 

Your aesthetic demands from your hearing aid are also important. There are a plethora of types of hearing aids available, from behind-the-ear hearing aids to invisible in-the-canal ones; keep in mind the type you would be comfortable wearing, bearing in mind your budget too. Age may affect your decision too, as smaller hearing aids are much more fiddly and inappropriate for children and the elderly.

The Best Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids To Buy In 2023

Now that you’re sure on what kind of hearing aid you need, you can review the best OTC hearing aids of 2023 and see which is the best fit. Here are the 4 best over-the-counter hearing amplifiers on the market.

Bluetooth OTC Hearing Aids

At the top are these sleek new OTC hearing aids with bluetooth. These take the number one spot because of their fast, wireless connectivity and excellent sound amplification. Personalization of audio to suit your hearing needs is super easy, and at your fingertips; using the hearing app you first take a free hearing test, the results of which are used to calibrate the hearing aid automatically. You can manually make adjustments too, based on your surroundings.

These wireless hearing aids are universal in terms of demographic; they are big enough for hearing impaired seniors and children, and those with severe hearing loss. Also, their tasteful design has lended to them being aesthetically appropriate for most hearing impaired individuals. They are also incredibly affordable, allowing for those on a tight budget to treat their hearing loss properly.

The new best OTC hearing aids of 2023 with bluetooth and wireless hearing aid features

A Must-Buy OTC Hearing Aid With Bluetooth For 2023

In-The-Canal, Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aids

These ITC rechargeable over-the-counter hearing amplifiers by Hear+Hi are for the working, hearing impaired population, who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to their almost invisible nature, without compromise on audio amplification quality, they have to be one of the best new OTC hearing aids available this year.

Best Invisible In-The-Canal OTC Hearing Aid For 2023 With Rechargeable Battery
Amazing Rechargeable ITC Hearing Aids Available Over-The-Counter

Outstanding Off The Shelf TV Hearing Amplifiers

These handy OTC TV ears are specially designed for audio streaming from smart media. They allow the seamless transmission of audio, via bluetooth, so that you can listen without any disturbance. The active noise canceling algorithms cut out low frequency background noise, lending to an even better audio experience. Another reason this made the list is the design; it lacks the intimidating exterior associated with hearing aids. The slim design makes it feel less like a hearing aid and more like an ordinary pair of earphones.

Wireless TV OTC Hearing Aid Earphones

Wireless Over-The-Counter TV Ears By Hear+Hi

The Best MFi Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids

If you need hearing aids that particularly connect with iPhone, or other Apple products, wirelessly; then these MFi OTC hearing aids are a great bet. While being bulkier than the other OTC hearing amplifiers in this list, they are fantastic OTC hearing aids for severe hearing loss. For severe hearing loss, more processing power is necessary to generate a greater amplitude of sound; and for powerful processing a 16-channel DSP processor is fitted in these hearing aids. This is larger than the 8-channel DSP processor fitted in smaller hearing aids. Being BTE hearing aids, these hearing aids aren’t the most discrete; however this particular model is a receiver-in-canal type of BTE hearing aid, which is significantly less visible than ordinary behind-the-ear hearing aids.

The Best MFi OTC hearing aids For Severe Hearing Loss With Receiver-In-Canal

The Best OTC Hearing Aids For Severe Hearing Loss

That’s the best of OTC hearing aids for 2023; now, you must decide on which model suits your hearing loss and other requirements best. The key points to bear in mind are: how visible you want your hearing aid to be, how necessary bluetooth is, and whether or not you own Apple devices. All of the options discussed are extremely affordable and fall within most budgets. Get an OTC hearing aid, and hear properly again without breaking the bank!


Are Hearing Aids OTC Yet?

Yes, they are. As of mid-October 2022, FDA approved over-the-counter hearing aids will be widely available online and in retail stores. You can find online OTC hearing aids everywhere, but it’s important that you select the best one.

How Much Will OTC Hearing Aids Cost?

This depends on which hearing aid manufacturer you choose to buy your OTC hearing aids from. They range from $200 to $2000. The cost also depends on your needs; for more severe hearing loss, an initial audiologist appointment is still strongly recommended, even if you are to opt for OTC hearing aids. This will increase your cost by an average of $250. Apart from that, more discreet, invisible hearing aids are normally more costly; as are bluetooth hearing aids.