Over the past several years medical and technological advances have helped us quite a lot to understand all about hearing loss and hearing aids. However, some stigmas and misconceptions are still prevalent which prevent people from getting the help they need. 

Following are some myths you would want to hear if you want to improve your hearing. 

Myths About Hearing Loss

There are a number of myths about hearing loss that have arisen, due to a lack of proper education around hearing loss.

  • Hearing Loss Occurs Only In Old Age

Hearing loss is often associated with old age but this is not always the case. Hearing loss can affect anyone. 15% of children from ages 6-19 are hearing impaired. Hearing loss in young adults is becoming increasingly common due to excessive use of headphones, unsafe use of devices, and exposure to damaging levels of sound in environments such as nightclubs, sports events, and concerts.

  • Hearing Loss Doesn't Affect My Overall Health

Your hearing health is just as important as your physical health. Untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, dementia, social isolation, depression, and anxiety. Even with mild hearing loss, your lifestyle and communication can become affected. 

  • Hearing Loss Cannot Be Prevented

Age-related hearing loss is something that you cannot prevent. Other types of hearing loss can be prevented by protecting your hearing and by avoiding loud noise exposure as much as possible, taking care of your physical health, and wearing noise-cancellation headphones. Hear+Hi has some of the world’s best noise cancellation earbuds. 

  • Hearing Loss Cannot Be Treated

This might have been the case many years ago but, with modern day technology, treatment for hearing loss is now possible in 99% of the cases. Hearing aids are one of the common treatments for all kinds of hearing loss and people who use them are mostly satisfied with the results. 

  • I Would Know If I Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a gradual process and doesn't happen overnight. This is why most people don't recognize it in the early stages.

  • My Hearing Loss Is Not Bad Enough For Hearing Aids

Your hearing loss might not seem like a big problem at the start but, without proper treatment, it can get worse. So if you feel like you have hearing loss, even if it does not significantly affect your daily life, you must get it treated. The more you wait on treatment, the more challenging treatment will be.

Hearing Aid Myths And Facts

Myths about hearing aids exist which reflect old beliefs and outdated technology. Today’s hearing aids come in different styles and contain a variety of features to suit every person’s lifestyle and needs. Many people who would definitely benefit from hearing aids hesitate to get one because of misconceptions they hold about them. 

  • Hearing Aids Are Ugly And Make Me Look Older

Hearing aids today have evolved in leaps and bounds. They come in many styles, kinds, and forms. Hearing aids contain multiple features to match your lifestyle. Hearing aids are now sleek, discrete, and stylish and almost look like you are wearing earphones rather than hearing aids. There are now invisible hearing aids, like completely in the canal, hearing aids which are hardly noticeable when worn.

Facts About Hearing Loss & Hearing Aids

Different types and styles of Hearing Aids

  • Hearing Aids Make Every Sound Louder

With analog hearing aids this can be true, all sounds are amplified equally. Today's hearing aids, however, are designed in a way that they can adjust different frequencies as per your needs and surroundings. 

  • Hearing Aids Are Very Expensive

It cannot be denied that hearing aids are expensive but when you look for the benefits of the hearing aids and the enhancement of quality of life, the cost doesn't seem to be much. Hear+Hi provides the most affordable hearing aids, such as Acuity Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones, without compromising on essential technology and features.

  • Hearing Aids Will Bring My Hearing Back To Normal

Hearing aids don't cure or reverse your hearing loss back to normal. They only help you to hear better and communicate more efficiently. They help the brain relearn the sounds it has forgotten, due to not hearing them for so long. 

  • One Hearing Aid Is Enough For Me

We need two ears to hear just like we need two eyes to see. They work together for us to be able to hear. We need input from both ears to process sound. Two hearing aids are needed to produce a natural hearing effect. 

  • I Don't Need Hearing Aids. I Only Have Trouble Hearing Some Sounds

Hearing loss is the loss of certain sounds. This is the reason hearing aids are used. You will be able to hear sounds that you were not able to hear. Many people just do not deceive others but themselves as well, when they are in denial about hearing loss. If you delay the treatment of hearing loss for a long time, hearing aids might not be even able to treat it. Once you start wearing aids you will immediately feel the difference and understand what you were missing. 

  • Hearing Aids Are Complicated To Use

Modern hearing aids are simple to operate. Hearing aids are programmed based on your needs and the majority of hearing aids have the ability to automatically adjust to different listening environments. Hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to your devices, such as Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo Assistive Hearing Amplified Earphones by Hear+Hi, so you can control them.

  • Hearing Aids Will Whistle In My Ears

Nowadays, digital hearing aids are designed to automatically distinguish between speech and background noise, and they eliminate whistling and background noise. This ensures maximum hearing comfort whatever the environment is.


Don't let these common myths about hearing loss and hearing aids stand in your way of living your life to the fullest. If you suffer from hearing loss and all your assumptions and questions have been answered, then don't hold up the treatment procedure.

FAQ’s about Hearing Aids

Are Hearing Aids Effective?

Hearing aids will not bring your hearing back to normal; they will make sounds louder and clear for you to hear. Hearing aids are very effective in improving your quality of life by helping you hear better. Studies from the national institute for health research (NICR) found that hearing aids significantly affect a person’s life.

Can Hearing Aids Prevent Further Hearing Loss?

Hearing aids do prevent further damage to your hearing. They reduce the effect of hearing loss and improve your ability to hear and understand sounds around you.