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Acuity Duo True Wireless Stereo-Ohrhörer mit Hörunterstützung

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Hear+Hi Acuity Duo kombiniert ein fortschrittliches drahtloses True Wireless Stereo (TWS)-Headset mit einem Digital Signal Processing (DSP)-Coprozessor, um das fortschrittlichste individuelle Hörerlebnis für mobile Anrufe, Web-Meetings, Medien-Streaming und Tonverstärkung zu bieten.

Mit der Smartphone-App My Hearing Acuity kann Acuity Duo programmiert und das Headset an das einzigartige Hörprofil des Benutzers angepasst werden.


  • Kein Kabel zwischen den Ohren – bietet klaren und hochwertigen Klang und dennoch Bewegungsfreiheit, ohne sich mit Kopfhörerkabeln zu verheddern.
  • Funktioniert mit führenden Smartphones – iOS- und Android-kompatibel
  • Audio-Streaming für Anrufe und Musik – Individuelle Klangverbesserungen führen zu besserer Kommunikation und Produktivität
  • App-programmierbar – Personalisierter und individueller „My Hearing Acuity“-App zur Abstimmung und Programmierung des Headsets für individuellen und personalisierten Klang.
  • Erweiterte 8-Kanal-DSP-Verarbeitung – Präzise Klangverstärkung mit effektiver Rauschunterdrückung.
    • Low Latency-Millisekunden-Frequenzeinstellung
    • Fortschrittliche Rauschunterdrückungsalgorithmen filtern und unterdrücken die Hintergrundgeräusche der eigentlichen Sprache.
    • 3 Voreinstellungen: Standard – Wird hauptsächlich in Innenräumen verwendet, in denen die Umgebung nicht laut ist. Dies wird am besten in ruhigen Bereichen wie Zuhause, Bibliothek, Büro usw. verwendet.
      Geräuschunterdrückungsmodus - Verwenden Sie ihn in einer lauten Umgebung, um Geräusche zu unterdrücken, und die Verbesserung des Stimmspektrums wird am besten in Restaurants, Einkaufszentren und Veranstaltungen verwendet, um die Person Ihnen gegenüber zu hören.
      High-Level-Noise-Cancelling-Modus – Maximale Geräuschreduzierung in der lautesten Umgebung wie in Autos, Bussen, Zügen und Flugzeugen.
  • Lange Batterielebensdauer – Low-Energy-Technologie ermöglicht eine lange Betriebszeit von 10 Stunden. Bei Verwendung mit dem Lade- und Tragekoffer kann die Betriebszeit auf 30 Stunden verlängert werden.

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All About Acuity Duo

Acuity Wireless Amplified Earphones combines the most advanced Bluetooth technology with a dedicated Digital Signal Processor. It pairs with smart phone or mobile device for phone calls and streaming audio media, and it amplifies ambient sound in a natural way with up to 35dB (65dB for Acuity Stereo) of gain.

By installing the dedicated ‘My Hearing Acuity’ App, compatible with Apple and Android devices, the App conducts a simple hearing test to determine the user’s hearing profile, and a personalized hearing compensation is created and loaded back to the Acuity Earphones. The personalized compensation works with the phone for calls and streaming, as well as for hearing amplification.

Hear Better with Technology

Advanced 8-Channel DSP processing – Accurate sound amplification with effective noise suppressions.

Low Latency millisecond frequency adjustment.

Advanced noise reduction algorithms filter and suppress the background noise from actual speech. 

Bluetooth Connection & Personalized App  

A built-in Bluetooth chip that has a 2-way function. It can be paired with mobile devices. Playback the audio media from the connected device such as music and video. You will be able to make and received phone calls and talk naturally without holding the phone to the device. This allows you to received and make phone calls at the same hearing level too without needing to adjust the volume to your hearing needs.

“My Hearing Acuity" is compatible with Apple and Android devices. Simple and easy to test and tune the hearing aid to suit the user’s personal need (self-fitting), enhanced speech recognition option, and adjust the volume for each ear independently directly through the My Hearing Acuity APP, to get a clearer tailored sound.

My Hearing Acuity APP

With My Hearing Acuity smartphone app, Acuity Duo can be programmed and customized the headset according to user’s unique hearing profile.

Preset Modes  

Preset (1) Standard Mode: Mostly used indoors where the environment is not noisy,  such as in your home, library, office, etc.

Preset (2) Noise Cancelling Mode:
 Use in noisy environment to cancel out noise, and enhance the voice spectrum. This is best used in restaurants, shopping malls, and crowded area.

Preset (3) High-level Noise Cancelling Mode: Maximum noise reduction in environments with loud noise such as in a car, bus, train or airplane.

Charge And Carrying Case

Acuity Duo sits in a Charge and Carrying Case with a built-in rechargeable battery that can recharge the earphones whenever they are put back into the case. When used with the Charge & Carrying case, operating time can be extended to 30 hours.

Easy to Use

Designed to be simple and easy to use for all adults with mild to moderate hearing issues. It's like a pair of earbuds with a bespoke and personalized hearing compensation. 

You can check the guide to use Acuity Duo or download the manual.

What People Say

Rob, CO

Store Manager

Solid alternatives to aid my hearing* Insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids, and I have tried hearing aids but they cost $3000 for each ear. I have had my hearing tested and I have about 20% left in both ears. I could not hear a conversation with anyone farther than 3 feet from me. So I decided to try these I was amazed!!!!! I can hear again, I can hear my granddaughter for the first time, I can hear my cat’s meow; I can hear birds chirping.

Liz, AK


*Stop yelling to my mother* I purchased this as a gift for my mother who is in her 60’s. She acknowledged that she has some hearing issues yet cannot get over the stigma that comes wearing a hearing aid The Acuity Duo looked similar to a modern wireless Airpods and if anyone ever asked what they were, she just tells them they were a pair of earphones! She was so happy to hear again! Her hearing has been so bad for so long that she’d forgotten about so many things she has not heard in many years. She could absolutely hear me and was able to hold a much better conversation than we’ve had in years without me yelling every words.

Jack, CA


I actually tried a few different wireless earphones with hearing amplification features. Most of them work to a certain degree, however, what makes Acuity outstanding is the robust wireless connectivity. I honestly walk around my room and with a solid connection to my iPhone X. The battery life is outstanding and the App is convenient to use and set-up. Do take some time to experiment with the many different eartips that were included and one of them would work better than others. This is not a toy; it is a valuable tool for me.

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Frequently Asked Question

30-Days Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident in our products and services, that we back them with a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. We aim to provide the best hearing products to our customers. Our priority is the customer’s satisfaction and if the customer is not happy with our products and service, we appreciate it and offer support. If our support is not satisfactory, we will return the money back within the 30-day claim.

We don’t believe in disappointing our customers but, offer great support quality through an amazing money-back guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with our hearing device. If you are unhappy with or unable to benefit from them, you can return them to us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. 

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