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World’s Best Active Noise Canceling Wireless Buds

Noise cancellation 20dB better than big-name brands. Get crystal clear sound without damaging your ears.

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Super Active Noise

Noise & Echo
Suppression For Speech

50+ Hour Battery Life
with Charge Case

Affordable & Durable

Small & Comfortable Fit

Most Advanced
Bluetooth 5.0
Dual Mode

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Stop Straining

Prepare to be fully immersed. With background noise attenuated by -45dB, you’re unlikely to ever feel the need to set the volume higher than 75%.

Get Crisper Sound

Two microphones detect and pick up noise close to the eardrum to determine which sounds flow through for the world’s most precise noise cancellation technology.

Protect Your Hearing 

If your music or audiobook is being drowned out by environmental noise, there’s no need to crank up the volume to unsafe levels. Instead, activate Super ANC.

Closer To Your Ear Drum For Better Sound

Conventional designs use a large transducer and put the microphone further away. Serena’s smaller NC acoustic module sits closer to the eardrum and puts the mic right next to the transducer for more targeting sound.

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Noise Cancellation 20dB. Is 10X better.

Super ANC is stronger and more precise than the technology found in any of the leading ANC earphones.

Serena’s technology combines a proprietary acoustic module, sealed acoustic chamber, high performance transducer, and a feedback microphone in close proximity.

This combination and compact size allows the second microphone to sit closer to the eardrum for the most effective noise cancellation.

Clearer Conversations & Crisper Sound

Don’t let loud backgrounds ruin your calls. Serena’s advanced tech and two-mic systems improve speech intelligibility for phone calls and meetings. 

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Silence Drones & Hums

Modern cities, airplane cabins, subway cars, and even many offices and coffee shops are full of low frequency noise from engines, HVAC systems, and more. Serena is highly effective at countering these sub-200 Hz sound waves.

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Protection & Perfectly Crisp Sound

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