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Hear+Hi - June 21 2022

5 Benefits Of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

For many people, buying and replacing batteries is a part of owning hearing aids. However, rechargeable batteries are changing the way we use and design hearing aids. Lithium-ion batteries rechargeable Behind-The-Ear/BTE Hearing Aid is the next step in hearing aid innovation, and they provide a number of benefits to the people who use them.

✔️ Suitable for Elderly ✔️ No Additional Cost ✔️ Better in Cold Weather ✔️ More Energy Efficiency ✔️ Environmental Friendly

Better for Older Wearers

If you have limited vision or poor dexterity, it is difficult for you to change the small battery hearing aid each time. Therefore, a rechargeable hearing aid is better for older wearers. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries can just be inserted into a recharging unit at night, or when you are not using them. With the battery built into the rechargeable Behind-the-ear/BTE hearing aid, it means you don’t have to worry about a battery going dead, and no more inconvenient hassles of changing the battery.

What is In-The-Ear Hearing Aid?

In-The-Ear Aids (ITE) devices fit in the outer ear bowl (called the concha). Being larger, these are easier to insert and can hold extra features. They are sometimes visible when standing face to face with someone. ITE hearing aids are custom-made to fit each individual’s ear. 

No Additional Costs On Batteries

Hearing aid users might spend up to $100 per year on disposable batteries. Using a rechargeable Behind-The-Ear/BTE Hearing Aid is environmentally friendly. Rechargeable Behind-The-Ear/BTE Hearing Aids let you enjoy superior sound quality without the need to regularly buy and change hearing aid batteries.

Enviromental Friendly

Many of us are finding ways to be more environmentally friendly, cutting down on disposable products like straws, napkins, and single-use batteries. Although lithium-ion batteries must be properly disposed of when you get rid of your hearing aids, they can be recharged thousands of times. Compared to zinc-air batteries, which can only be used once and tossed out, lithium-ion batteries are better for the environment when handled correctly.

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