When you have poor hearing, what could be better than receiving calls directly into your ear? Well, this article explains how you can do just that. Loud background noise can make it more difficult for those who are hard of hearing to hear phone calls clearly, but by feeding sound directly into the ear, through hearing aids, this problem can be alleviated very easily. This depends though on the type of hearing enhancer you use.

There are several factors that contribute to the effectiveness of receiving phone calls through hearing aids, so let’s explore these first.

Factors Affecting The Quality Of Phone Calls Through Hearing Aids

Built-In Hands-Free Communication

Both your mobile phone and hearing device should have this to support hands-free calls with hearing aids. If one of your devices doesn’t, then an intermediary device is required, such as connect clip, which is discussed below.

The Right Size Earbud

This isn’t just important for phone calls, but it improves the overall  efficiency of sound being delivered to the ear. This is crucial during phone calls as they can contain sensitive information which you may not want to disclose to your entire office.

Made For iPhone (MFi)

You may have seen this numerous times scattered among other jargon related to hearing aids; it is a feature built into some digital hearing aids which allows for compatibility with Apple products, in particular the iPhone.

How to Restart Your Hearing Aid

Before we commence it’s important to address a difference in the setting up procedure between rechargeable hearing aid and a disposable battery hearing device.

For A Disposable Battery Hearing Aid:

Simply open and close the battery door, this switches the device off and then back on.

For A Rechargeable Hearing Aid:

Place the hearing aid in its charging port and then remove it.

Hear+Hi Rechargeable Hearing Aids

How To Connect A Hearing Aid Wirelessly To An Android Phone

All of the hearing aids offered by Hear+Hi include wireless capabilities via bluetooth, so let’s guide you on how to set up your bluetooth digital hearing aids quickly. 

  1. Switch your hearing aid off and on
  2. Make sure you have the app, for example the ‘My Acuity App’ for Hear+Hi hearing amplifiers, downloaded on your mobile phone.
  3. Next, go to the settings of your android mobile phone
  4. Here, you need to select the ‘connectivity’ or ‘connected devices’ section
  5. Click on the bluetooth option
  6. The Hear+Hi hearing aid will be written under unpaired/available devices, click on it to start pairing. It’s important to note that only one hearing aid actually connects to devices, but sound is routed to the other one when using them; so both digital hearing aids produce sound. 
  7. Now, open the aforementioned app and set up your device through the application as it instructs.
  8. Enjoy controlling your Hear+Hi hearing aid through the ‘My Acuity App’ and speaking on the phone with hearing aids
Screenshot Shows Connected Devices For Connecting Digital Bluetooth Hearing Aids
Android Mobile Phone Screenshot Taken From ‘Settings’

Using Bluetooth to Connect A Hearing Aid To An iPhone

Now, if you own an iPhone and are still wondering how you can use your hearing aid to receive calls; then, this depends on your digital hearing device. 

If it is both android and iOS compatible, then the above steps can be used for iPhone too. In fact, it’s a little simpler because there is no need for step 4.

If your hearing aid is solely made for iPhone (MFi) then follow these steps to hear through it.

  1. Open ‘settings’ on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to accessibility. It’s important that you do not try to connect MFi hearing aids through bluetooth
  3. Inside accessibility you will find ‘hearing devices’ a little far down the list of options, select this option
  4. Finally, the hearing devices should be visible here and you can select each one to pair them both to your iPhone
  5. Use the app to make any final adjustments before using the hearing aid with your phone
  6. Now, your phone can stream to your Made For iPhone hearing enhancers; which can be used to answer calls directly from hearing aids.

Despite some hearing aids being ‘Made For iPhone’ it is possible to connect MFi hearing aids to an android phone using the app. However, this can only be used to control the hearing aids and not to stream content to them.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowhow of setting up digital wireless hearing aids, you can get your snazzy pair of earbuds up and running in no time. Going wireless means less hassle and more control of your device, right at your fingertips, using the app that accompanies your earbuds. Use bluetooth hearing aids to hear smart.


Why Wont My Hearing Aids Connect To My Phone?

There might be a few reasons your hearing aids wont connect to your phone. First check your bluetooth connectivity. If the bluetooth is not activated, hearing aids wont connect with your smartphone. Make sure to check that your phone and your hearing aids are not in flight mode. If you have rechargeable hearing aids then make sure they are charged.

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Hearing Aid Compatible?

If both your mobile phone and hearing aid have a built-in handsfree communication feature then you will have no issue connecting the hearing aid with your phone. The main thing is that your devices should be able to support hands free calls.

Why Is My Hearing Aid Disconnected?

Switch on your hearing aid devices. When your hearing aids switch off, they automatically disconnect from bluetooth pairing with your phone. You can have a look at the battery of your hearing aids. If they are rechargeable, and not charged, then they won’t. If they are disposable battery operated hearing aids, then look out for the battery door and make sure it’s properly shut. Another reason why your hearing aids might disconnect from your phone is the hearing aid may be out of range, relative to the mobile phone; so try bringing the two devices closer. 

How Much Do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Cost?

The hearing aids that offer this bluetooth feature are a little more costly than basic hearing aids. The price range of digital bluetooth hearing aids starts from USD: 1000-1500 and it keeps on increasing depending on the other features and functions they have to offer. But the Hear+Hi hearing earphones are priced under 500 dollars and include advanced bluetooth connectivity, so you can hear smart at an affordable price.

Can I Add Bluetooth To My Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth hearing aids, as the name suggests, can connect to bluetooth wireless technology. If your hearing aids are bluetooth enabled then you can connect them with your phone. But if your hearing aids do not have bluetooth features then you won't be able to add bluetooth in your hearing device or connect them with your phone.