Hearing loss affects around 15% of American adults, with this figure rising year on year. Many individuals don’t pay attention to signs of hearing loss; particularly the younger hearing impaired demographic. That’s why it’s important to regularly take an online hearing test, so that you catch hearing loss at the very start. No matter how mild hearing loss is, it’s important to treat it so that your hearing doesn’t further deteriorate. Though there are plenty of convenient looking hacks scattered all over the internet, it’s important not to risk your hearing. The best way to treat hearing impairment, effectively and safely, is to use hearables.

What Are Hearables AKA Sound Amplifying Earbuds?

Hearables are electronic devices that help you hear better  by amplifying sound. They include a large scope of sound amplifying, hearing aid-like devices. It’s basically a category of hearing aids for mild hearing loss; in that they are cheaper than actual hearing aids but are excellent for treating mild hearing loss.

Why Not Hearing Aids For Mild Hearing Loss?

While hearing aids are seen as the standard palliative treatment for hearing loss, they are pretty unaffordable with the average hearing aid costing around $2000 to $4000 per ear. They may be worth the buck if you’re suffering from severe hearing loss, but if you’re on the lower side of the hearing loss spectrum then, there are better options out there. 

Apart from affordability, buying hearing aids for mild hearing loss is like buying a ferrari only to drive on speed-restricted roads. They are unnecessarily powerful, in relation to treating mild hearing problems. Also, being kitted with powerful processors, makes hearing aids more bulky and obvious.

Using Regular Earbuds To Treat Mild Hearing Loss

It may be tempting to try and use run-of-the-mill earbuds to treat mild hearing loss, as a budget-friendly option. But, for one, this won’t be of much use when hearing real-life sounds. This is because, generally, earbuds can only stream audio from a smart device directly into your ears. While there may be apps which ‘listen’ to audio for you, and then stream it via earbuds directly into the ear, this is quite an impractical way of treating hearing loss. Not to mention, using earbuds to amplify audio can be detrimental to the health of your ears. 

But… Airpods Can Double As Hearing Aids, Can’t They?

You might have read about this particular ‘hack’ for adequately treating hearing loss on the internet. Even though Apple hearing aids do have hearing assistance capabilities, like reducing background noise, they are definitely not replacement devices for hearing aids. 

Remember that myths about hearing loss shouldn’t be followed blindly, and only devices which are proven to help, and are specially designed for, the hard-of-hearing should be used to treat any level of hearing loss, anywhere from mild to severe.

Want a sound amplifying device which is affordable and can properly treat mild hearing loss at the same time? Well, Hearables are made for this exact purpose. Let’s take a look through a range of options 

Sound Amplifying Heroes: The Hearables

Hearables tick all the boxes for those suffering from mild hearing loss, from being affordable to being discrete. Most hearables resemble stylish bluetooth earbuds, which removes the anxiety around wearing bulky, traditional hearing aids.

They actually fall under PSAPs, personal sound amplification devices, which are the best of two worlds: hearing aids and wireless earbuds. This fusion of bluetooth and hearing assistance, make them the perfect candidate for mild hearing loss. They are powerful enough, but inexpensive too. 

How Do Hearables Work?

Only Buy The Best Hearable For You

Rather like the different types of hearing aids, there are a wide range of hearables available on the market. It can be difficult to know which is best for you, but it depends on which features you prioritize in your hearing assistive device. There are in fact two broad categories of these devices: hearables for hearing health and hearables for other applications. Of course, in line with the discussion of mild hearing loss treatment, the former are the appropriate option. Here are a few of the best hearables on the market in 2023, each suitable for different needs. 

Wireless Bluetooth Hearables

Life nowadays is full of technology and smart devices, therefore it’s important for many hard of hearing individuals that their sound amplifier can easily connect to a wide variety of gadgets. For this purpose, bluetooth hearables are the most convenient. Wireless capabilities make streaming audio super simple, and can even be used to control the device. Hear+Hi’s bluetooth sound amplifiers are one of the best available right now. They can be easily personalized through an app on your smartphone, to adjust the hearing aid according to your specific hearing loss. After all, not everyone’s hearing loss is the same and it’s important that your device only amplifies the frequencies of sound which you struggle to hear. These sleek hearing amplifiers are the perfect example of how smart tech can help with mild hearing loss.

Amplified Bluetooth Headphones For Hard Of Hearing
The best wireless bluetooth hearables in 2023

Rechargeable In-The-Canal Hearables

One of the biggest stigmas around hearing aids is how they look. Traditionally, hearing assistive devices are big, bulky and hard to miss. For mild hearing loss, these ITC hearing amplifiers are just like hearing aids; but, super discrete and not so powerful. Not to mention how affordable they are. In fact, they can adequately treat moderate hearing loss too.

Rechargeable hearables which are In-The-Canal Hearing Aids
Hear+Hi’s Rechargeable ITC hearing aids

Hearables are unsung heroes in treating mild hearing loss, and are an excellent option for those suffering from this condition. Be sure to know what kind og hearing device you require and buy the best hearables for your needs. Remember that treating mild hearing loss timely will save your hearing, time and money in the future. 

FAQs About Hearables

What Is The Purpose Of Hearables?

Hearables are electronic devices which can behave like hearing aids to assist the hard of hearing. Their are like affordable hearing aids, for those with mild hearing loss. Smaller and less powerful, hearables are recommended for mild hearing loss only; as more severe hearing loss requires actual hearing aids.

Which Is The Best Feature Of Hearables?

The fact that hearables are more affordable than hearing aids is definitely one of their most attractive features. For treating mild hearing loss, they possess adequate sound amplification power and are both cheaper and smaller than hearing aids.